Prize winners not yet in receipt of their prize are asked to contract the Admin Secretary ASAP. Prizes not claimed by 24 November 2019 will be reallocated at the organisers discretion.


Prize Winner(s) Score Value
First equal IM Richard Pert (Brentwood), IM Antanas Zapolskis (Lithuania) 4½/5 £ 265 each
Third FM Martin Walker (Norwich Dons) 4/5 £ 100
u180 Grade Martin Faulkner (Coulsden), Adrian Elwin (Milton Keynes), Niels Andersen (Denmark), Peter Finn (Cambridge City) 3/5 £ 15 each
u18 Junior Ieysaa bin-Suhayl (Wisbech) 3/5 £ 50


Prize Winner(s) Score Value
First equal Paul Kenning (Braintree), Vladimirs Bovtramovics (Latvia) 4/5 £ 150 each
Third equal Dominic Bartram (Milton Keynes), John Daugman (Cambridge City), Chris Levy (Hackney) 3½/5 £ 20 each
u155 Grade Chris Willoughby (Brentwood), Sarah Weersing (Linton), David Payne (St John’s Norwich) 3½/5 £ 20 each
u16 Junior Chris Willoughby (Brentwood), Sarah Weersing (Linton), Gavith Dharmasena (Linton) 3½/5 £ 20 each


Prize Winner(s) Score Value
First Ranjith Rk (India) 4½/5 £ 200
Second equal Marc Bryant (Hastings), Giovanni Esuperanzi (Cambridge City), Colin Payne (Norwich Dons) 4/5 £ 50 each
Second equal plus u14 Junior Kenneth Hobson (Oxfordshire Juniors) 4/5 £ 60
u125 Grade Les Jones (Ipswich), David Green (Stowmarket), Lucian Cox (Bedford), John Weston (Fakenham), Dmitry Molostvov (Essex Juniors) 3/5 £ 10 each


Prize Winner(s) Score Value
First equal David May (St John’s Norwich), John Duff-Cole (Colchester), Paul Buswell (Hastings & St Leonards, Rowan Kent (Bury St Edmunds), Kameron Grose (Westminster Under School) 4/5 £ 56 each
u80 Grade Richard Dickinson (Bury St Edmunds), Alan Holmes (St John’s Norwich), Mae Catabay (Colchester Juniors) 3/5 £ 20 each
u14 Junior Thomas Cooney (St Benildus, Ireland), Jake Horton (Essex Juniors) 3½/5 £ 15 each
u11 Junior Alexander Linton (Cambridgeshire), Mae Catabay (Colchester Juniors) 3/5 £ 30 each membership prizes

All prizes mentioned below are memberships at diamond level. Because these cannot be shared we have used tie-breaks to distribute the prizes when players have the same score. The tie-break used was the Sonneborn–Berger score, combined with head-to-head result and Grading Performance.

  1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
  6 month diamond 3 month diamond 3 month diamond
Open Richard Pert Antanas Zapolskis Martin Walker
Major Paul Kenning Vladimirs Bovtramovics Chris Willoughby
Inter Ranjith Rk Marc Bryant Kenneth Hobson
Minor Paul Buswell John Duff-Cole Rowan Kent


Awarded to the highest-scoring junior playing in the Bury League or Suffolk League from the highest section in which a score of 3 points is achieved. With no tie-breaks having been announced the trophy has been awarded jointly to:

Sarah Weersing (Linton) and Gavith Dharmasena (Linton)

Both scored 3½/5 the Major.